Please donate to help Corporal Greeson

Please donate to help Corporal Greeson image
We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

The Norfolk Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association and the Police Benevolent Foundation are asking for your financial support for Corporal Dallas Greeson with the Norfolk Police Department.

In 2023, Cpl. Greeson was diagnosed with lung cancer. During her surgery for the cancer, her vocal cord nerve cord was accidentally cut, which left her unable to speak above a whisper. Her out-of-pocket medical bills continue to rise as her medical team works to find a treatment for her cancer and how to get her voice back. Part of the solution has included vocal cord injections. The injections are temporary, and the team has settled on a surgery that will hopefully correct her damaged vocal cords.

Cpl. Greeson has been employed with the Norfolk Police since January 2009. She is a single mom of two teenage boys.

100% of the funds received by the PBF will go to Corporal Greeson.