Please donate to help Officer Siek

Please donate to help Officer Siek image

The Tobacco Road Chapter of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association and the Police Benevolent Foundation are asking for financial support for Officer Justin Siek of the Durham Police Department.

In June of this year, Officer Siek was diagnosed with a rare cancer called stage II Oral Squamous Carcinoma. Officer Siek immediately underwent emergency partial Glossectomy surgery at UNC Rex to remove a tumor with a neck dissection to remove pre-cancerous lymph nodes. The surgery was initially a success. However, only a few short months afterward, his cancer returned twice as strong. In September, Officer Siek underwent another similar surgery at Duke to remove a stage IV tumor located approximately on the base of his tongue and another dissection to remove lymph nodes. Officer Siek is currently undergoing intense radiation and chemotherapy treatments at the Duke Cancer Center in Durham.

Officer Justin Siek has been a seven-year law enforcement veteran since 2015, when he began working for the Raleigh Police Department. He later transferred to the Durham Police Department.

During his career, he has been the recipient of an Officer of the Year and Life Saving Award.

Officer Siek is married to his wife Kara, and they recently welcomed a baby boy, Joseph Justin, into their family. They also have three other children.

100% of the money received by the PBF will go to help with Officer Siek's recovery and medical expenses.